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To parents, teachers, and adults working with children
It is a fun and rewarding experience to spend time with children. You feel happy by seeing them grow and many times you get surprised by their unique ideas. Meanwhile, it is also true that at times it can become irritating and stressful to deal with children. You may have faced situations when they won't listen to you, or feel that you can hardly have your own time・・・ You might have experienced to vent your anger on children and feel sorry for them afterwards.

In order to help you solve these difficult situations, the Kids' Solutions institute is spreading the program "Enjoy Parenting!", originally named "Kids' Skills for Parents program" developed by Dr. Ben Furman, a Finnish Psychiatrist. We hope that this program will help you decrease the struggle and in the meantime increase your fun time with children.

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Enjoy Parenting!

Kids' Solutions also offers counseling service for those who would like to talk about problems and find solutions. We offer consultation service upon request from schools, institutions, etc.
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