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What Kids' Solutions aims for
Our mission is to "support both adults and children to enjoy their lives and to be radiant with happiness".
We offer services to help adults enjoy childrearing or working with children even when they have difficulties, and help them to bring out children's strengths and potentials by using Solution Focused Approach, focusing on solutions instead of problems.

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I founded "Kids' Solutions" with the hope to offer services to help children feel hope for their future and to encourage them to move toward their dreams. In order to make that happen, as a parent myself, I feel it is important for parents and caretakers to feel relaxed and enjoy spending time with children while recognizing their strengths and abilities.

We use Solution Focused Approach. As the name suggests, this method primarily emphasizes on solutions, strengths, vision of one’s ideal state etc. instead of problems, faults, and their consequences. When I studied "Solution Focused Approach" at graduate school, I got fascinated by its simplicity and effectiveness, and I have been studying and using it ever since.

I hope our services will help both adults and children think positively and feel hope for their future. My wish is to actively contribute spreading happiness around our communities.

Kids' Solutions' representative
Clinical Psychologist
Yukako Bareil (Samata)
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