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Enjoy Parenting!
"Enjoy Parenting! Kids’ Skills for Parents program from Finland"

"Enjoy Parenting!" is an internationally acclaimed solution-focused program that offers practical tools for parents and other carers of children for dealing with the daily challenges of child rearing. The program was developed in the 90’s by Dr. Ben Furman and his colleagues in Finland. Dr. Furman is an internationally renowned teacher of solution-focused approach. His books have been translated to more than two dozen languages and he has lectured and conducted workshops in many countries around the world.

Abou the program
"Enjoy parenting!" (or "Kids' Skills for Parents"), is a solution focused toolbox for parents, grandparents, teachers, and other people caring for and educating children and teens. The program is geared towards modern busy parents and professionals. It consists of only five sessions, it is simple to understand, and the ideas presented are so practical that they can be used by participants the same day.

Content of sessions
Each session lasts two approximate hours. During this time the facilitator will give a short introduction to the topic of the session, after which participants will do one or more exercises to learn and practice the ideas being discussed. At the end of the session the facilitator will give participants a homework assignment but before that there is time for interaction and small group discussions that allow participants to learn from each other. The topics of the five sessions are as follows:

Topic 1:
How become better at praising your child
Topic 2:
How to communicate effectively to your children what you want them to do and what you don't want them to do.
Topic 3:
How to collaborate with the other adults who raise the child with you.
Topic 4:
How to help and coach children to overcome problems and difficulties.
Topic 5:
Unacceptable behavior
How to respond as a parent or teacher constructive and effectively in situations in which the child has done something wrong, forbidden or totally unacceptable?

【Facilitator training】
Kids' Solutions Japan is officially approved by Dr. Ben Furman to offer "Enjoy Parenting!" certified facilitator training in Japan and other countries in Asia. Please contact us for more information about upcoming trainings in 2014.

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