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Kids’ Solutions provides services and useful information based on Solution Focused Approach to parents/caretakers as well as people working with children. Our special features:
1) We focus on "solutions" instead of "problems"
→We will help adults be free from stressful situations and make it fun to work with/take care of children
2) We believe in children’s potential ability for solving their own problems with creativity
→We support children to make the most of their potential ability

Our services:
Parenting programs, counseling and other related services.
Please see the link below for more detailed information.

Our mission
Our services
Enjoy Parenting!from Finland
"Enjoy Parenting! Kids' Skills for Parents" program

This parenting program was developed by Dr. Ben Furman, an internationally renowned teacher of solution-focused approach, and his colleagues in Finland.
By using "Enjoy Parenting!", you can learn how to deal with difficulties or problems that most parents face while raising their children, and how to make the best of children's strengths.

Please contact us for more information about upcoming trainings.

For more detailed information about our program, please see this page

Enjoy Parenting!
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